Hand and Finger Skills of Your Preschooler

Source: American Academy of Pediatrics

At age three, children develop both the muscular control and the concentration needed to master many precision finger and hand movements.


You will notice now that he or she can move each finger independently or together, which means that instead of grasping a crayon in the fist, your child can hold it like an adult. This increased sensitivity and control will allow children to build a tower of nine or more cubes, pour water from a pitcher into a cup (using two hands), unbutton clothes , possibly put large buttons into buttonholes, and use a fork and feed themselves independently, spilling between the plate and her mouth only occasionally


Your four-yearold’s coordination and ability to use his hands are almost fully developed. As a result, he or she is becoming able to take care of themselves. That includes things like brushing teeth and getting dressed with little assistance, and possibly even lacing up shoes. Because of this growing control over hands, arts and crafts are becoming more exciting.
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