The Leading Causes Of Death In India


Schools are in a unique position to promote healthy behaviors. Most children spend an average of 6 to 7 hours a day at school, which is a large part of their waking hours.

There are many leading causes of deaths in India, and cardiovascular disease has emerged as the top killer that has affected both urban and rural population. Cardiovascular deaths account for 24.8 percent of total deaths in the country. Primarily,the aged population is affected by this disorder and men are more affected than women. In rural areas, lack of proper medical facilities results in a higher number of deaths as many cases of health emergencies are not met with the medical care that is needed to save lives.

Respiratory Disease

The most common respiratory disease asthma is caused due to exposure to allergens in the outdoor or indoor environment, smoking, genetics, and lifestyle and 10.2 percent of the total deaths are caused due to this disease in India.


Tuberculosis is an airborne disease, which can spread to other people through the air if the infected person sneezes or coughs, injecting the bacteria into the environment. A lack of proper nutrition often compromises the immune system of patients infected with the tuberculosis bacteria, making them more susceptible to such diseases. High rates of poverty, lack of clean living facilities, improper nutrition and lack of awareness about prevention and treatment of tuberculosis are primarily responsible for the high rates of this disease in the country. Around 10.1 percent of total deaths are caused due tuberculosis in India.
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