The Manchikanti family, known in Bodangparthy for its long history of community building, philanthropy, and kindness has also received accolades across the globe for these same attributes.

A recent news article in the Paducah Sun tells the story about how children could only be educated in Bodangparthy through the third grade when Dr. Laxmaiah Manchikanti was a child. Dr. Manchikanti’s grandmother, Manchikanti Gopamma, dreamed of educational opportunities beyond the third grade. Her dream was instilled in her grandson, Dr. Manchikanti, who worked hard to ensure his this dream would become a reality. Now, students in Bodangparthy have access to education through the junior college level.

As noted in other articles within this magazine, the Manchikanti family worked hard to build a life in the United States that would benefit everyone in Bodangparthy. With Dr.Manchikanti’s leadership, his family has been credited for creating so many opportunities for health and enrichment. Growing in education, drinking clean water, engaging in an auditorium, and playing in a safe park are possible because of the work ethic of the Manchikanti family. To learn more about the Manchikanti Aloknath Auditorium see page. Likewise, you can learn about the Manchikanti Laxmamma Drinking Water Supply on page.

The Manchikanti family also has a history of public service with Dr. Manchikanti’s father, Manchikanti Yadagiry, having served as the Sarpanch for many years.The daughter-inlaw of Yadagiry, Manchikanti Rani, currently serves as Sarpanch. The passion for education, though, runs deep through the family. Venkata Ramana Manchikanti, one of Dr.Manchikanti’s brothers,currently serves as an administrator of the school.

The Manchikanti family’s legacy has also touched people in the United States through employment opportunities for thousands of people over the last few decades. Because of the family’s many successes, it has also given back to these communities. In addition to Dr. Manchikanti’s successful medical practices, his brothers, Murali and Ram, operate Backyard Burger locations in west Kentucky and southern Illinois. The McCracken County High School library in Paducah, KY bears the Manchikanti name as does a classroom and laboratory at Murray State University in Murray, Ky.Dr. Manchikanti also funds a student scholarship for Murray State students.

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