Is Your Preschooler Ready for Kindergarten?

Source: American Academy of Pediatrics

We aren’t just talking about academics. Your child’s social, emotional, and behavior skills are equally critical to school success.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics report on “School Readiness,” young children’s experiences – beginning at birth – play a big role in how well they learn to handle their feelings, relate to and communicate with others, and enter school ready to learn and achieve their full potential. What does “school readiness” mean? The idea that some children are “ready for school” by 4 or 5 and others are not is controversial. Just as children begin to walk or talk at different ages, they also develop the psychological and social skills needed for school at varying ages.


Look carefully at your child’s development. Is your child able to communicate? How are his listening and social skills? Wouldhe be able to get along with other children and adults?

Talk with your child’s pediatrician about developmental milestones and community resources that support them.

Ask your child’s preschool teacher and/ or childcare provider for feedback. He or she can often provide some useful, objective observations, and information.

Trust your instincts – you know your child best !
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