Skin Diseases: Causes and Precautions

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White Skin Patches over Skin:
Skin is the largest organ in human body. Skin sheds from old dead cells and produces new cells every day. White patches are formed over skin because of residual dead skin cells. Some patches lead to melanin destruction.

Pityriasis Alba is a very common skin condition in children. Irregular skin patches are formed over cheeks, the neck and upper arms. It is more common in children who have too much exposure to sunlight. Dehydration is a major contributor.
Treatment - Moisturizers should be applied often to help alleviate dryness. Sometimes children may need steroid creams. These types of patches resolve slowly on their own.

Tinea vesicular is a very common skin condition in children, caused mostly by fungal infections. It more readily appears on the neck and hands and happens more frequently during the summer months. Excessive sweating and tight clothes increase the risk of this disease. Patches are similar to pityriasis alba in appearance. Dermatologists may perform skin scrap test to confirm fungal infection. Treatment - Antifungal creams and selenium shampoo are helpful in bringing relief. This skin condition has a better chance of reappearing even after proper treatment. For this reason, it is important to change bed sheets and towels frequently and to wash them thoroughly.

Skin yeast infections, are more common in genital areas and skin folded areas. Its appearance is more like a rash than a patch. It causes irritation, redness and itching. Proper treatment should cause this condition to subside over time. Treatment - Some oral antifungal,selected creams and gels helps to relieve itching and redness caused by this condition.

Vitiligo causes the destruction of melanin cells by antibody cells. Improper functioning of a person’s immunity systems leads to destruction of melanin cells and leads to a pinkish appearance of skin. Treatment - Phototherapy and corticosteroids are the main treatments available for this condition. Phototherapy helps to prevent the spread of patches. Regimentation surgery can be done in some older children.

Psoriasis is a type of auto-immune disease that causes white patches over skin. It is also an inherited condition. It tends to be a cosmetic problem if no proper treatment is taken in pediatric age group. Treatment - It cannot be cured completely. Patients must take prolonged medication therapy. Phototherapy and some steroids are known to reduce the progress of psoriasis in children. Many of these skin diseases in children should not cause parents to panic, but it is important that proper treatment be administered at the right time.

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