Rainy Season - Precautions Children While Going to School

Rainy Season Precautions.

Rainy season is one of the most memorable and enjoyable phases in everyone life. But parents should be cautious to watch over their children’s health in this season as children play more in rain and mud.Mosquito bites may cause flu-like illnesses. Waterborne diseases are more common during the rainy season. Children should be careful about slippery roads and floors as they may lead to falls and injuries. Children should be advised to take the following measures in rainy season:

Use a rain shoe:

Use of a proper rain shoe helps to prevent injuries from falling. They keep the foot dry and prevent fever and common colds.

Precautions against mosquitoes:

Rainy season is a most favorable breeding ground for the spread of mosquitoes. Children should use mosquito repellents and mosquito nets around the bed. Mothers should apply products like good night fabric roll on. By applying 4 drops of this repellent over children’s clothes helps to keep mosquitoes away from children.

Rain coats or umbrella:

Children should never be allowed to go out without an umbrella or raincoat in rainy weather. Raincoats are very useful in high rains with winds. Raincoats keep school uniforms dry.

Clothes and towels should be dry:

Sitting under a fan with wet clothes can cause colds in children. Wet clothes should be changed and a dry towel should be used to absorb water from a child’s body. Always encourage children to use neat dry clothes and towel.

Dry Feet = Safe Feet During Rainy Season

Children love playing in the rain. There is nothing more fun for them than jumping into puddles and making a big splash. As a parent, you must know how uncomfortable it feels when your socks get wet, and you feel like switching into a dry pair right away. Most children might not express any discomfort. But staying in wet, soggy socks is unhealthy for your child.

This can also create a myriad of problems such as damaging the skin of the foot, to creating blisters due to the friction of the sock. Never allow your children to stay in wet socks or wet toes when it is cold or rainy outside. Providing them with a rain boot will allow them to play in the rain, the mud, or any wet surface safely.

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